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Phenomenological study of sedimentation process using light laser techniques

Worldwide, leaders countries in mine industry as Australia, Canada and United States has developed and integrated new technologies to industrial processes that permits obtain better results improving many internal areas if industry and keeping capacities constant.

Geographically, mining in Chile takes place mainly in desert and very remote areas, specifically in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world, where water is a scarce resource, but at the same time vital for the separation of metals, like copper and dynamite rock. For this reason, water recovery and research into new technologies to obtain more efficient processes are of public interest and should be studied.

And the other hand, we built a machine that follows the basic principle: In a mixture solid-liquid, the percentage of light laser that can across a vessel with the mixture is inverse proportional to concentration of the same mixture. That means in a mixture with poor particles a light laser will be visible to the other side of the vessel without loss in ligh, however, a high concentrate solids can be only a small percentage of light to the other side to the vessel. Moreover, we built a instrument for tracking solid-liquid interface saving data into a database increasing rich and accuracy of the data. With this scenario we can extend the state of art about batch sedimentations and with this, improve control and operational decision for thickener units in mine industry.

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